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Klassiske Dage

Holstebro International Music Festival

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Music of Five Centuries

30. SEP. - 6. OKT.

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In Holstebro and Region Midwest

September 30th to October 6th. 2024

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Revisit Klassiske Dage 2023

Listen to the opening concert of Klassiske Dage, "Krøllen på kritikken" (The Twist on Criticism), from Knudsen Concert Hall in Holstebro. Recorded by the Danish National Radio 2023.

Large romantic works in the light of absurdities from historical reviews and the composers' own whimsical struggles against each other throughout the ages. Music by Grieg, Paganini, Mustonen, and Beethoven.

Performers: Maja Bogdanović - cello, Ismo Eskelinen - guitar, Olli Mustonen - piano, Daniel Rowland - violin, Janne Thomsen - flute.

Listen to Klassiske Dage and Jazz Nights "Jazz på (Finlands)svenska" (Jazz in (Finland)Swedish) from Nørrelandskirken in Holstebro.

Recorded by the Danisk National Radio 2023

"Jazz på (Finlands) svenska" - Musical rendezvous between Classical Days and Jazz Nights at the crossroads of classical, jazz, and folk music. An evening focusing on the intersection between jazz and classical music in this concert featuring improvisation, playful perspectives, and significant dynamics ranging from J.S. Bach through Nordic jazz to Jan Johansson.

Performers: Ismo Eskelinen - guitar, Anders Mogensen - drums, Olli Mustonen - piano, Daniel Rowland - violin, Janne Thomsen - flute, Carl Winther – piano, Johnny Åman - bass.

Klassiske Dage


In Nørreland Church

November 29th. 4 pm

Holmens Vokalensemble

OrkesterEfterskolens Kor

Janne Thomsen and guests

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Portræt af festivalen 2017

credits: Sarah Willis og Deustche Welle

Portræt af festivalen 2016

credits: Mads Haukrogh

Koncert i Ulfborg Kirke 2015

credits: Olivier Doise og Klassiske Dage