Sigurd Barrett Piano, Entertainer, Denmark

As a six-year-old Sigurd Barrett composed his first songs, in college he studied Russian rock and ever since he has dedicated himself to
disseminate music to the youngest. Sigurd and his bear, Bear the Bear became common property through the many years of cooperation with Danish National TV in his highly popular shows conveying the love of music to music for children.

Sigurd Barrett has with tireless energy shown how to be spontaneous, funny, deeply musical, popular but yet always thoughtful and serious in conveying the music to kids within a formidable skill in a wealth of genres.

In Holstebro we know this talented entertainer boosts some of the school children’s greatest musical experiences, when taking part in Classic Days’ big kids projects. In 2016 the theme is Maren, Food and Music, and be sure that Sigurd once again comes up with an exuberant and affectionate greeting to Holstebro’s most famous lady.

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