Black Box Dance Company Dance Company, Denmark

Since the spring of 2013, Black Box Theatre in Holstebro had his own dance company:

Black Box Dance Company

Black Box Dance Company started out with 6 handpicked professional dancers from Europe, but has since October 2014 expanded to 8 dancers in connection with the performances “PUSH” and “7even”.

Company currently consists of these young and talented dancers: Zaneta Majcher (Poland), Charlotte Anne Logan (England), Lionel Ah Sou (France), Bartosz Woszczynski (Poland), Marco Rizzi (Italy), Manuel Gaubatz (Germany) , Emmy Louise Thomsen (Denmark) and Isabella Harritz Sørensen (Denmark).

In 2013, the Company premiere of his first show, called “Viva, Vive!”. Since then he has nyopsætninger as “100 LIKES”, “PUSH”, choreographed by the 5-double Reumert winner Tim Rushton and “7even” which is nominated for a Reumert in 2016 in the category “Year Dance performance / Performance”. Black Box Dance Company has with its performances toured nationally and internationally in Germany, Sweden, Brazil and Tanzania.

End of September 2016, the Company will premiere of a new show called Carmina Burana – “Black Box Dance Company with Friends”. In this performance included for the first times talented dancers from Danish Talent Academy as well as at the Royal Ballet School in Holstebro along with a young woman in a wheelchair, and she will be the focal point of the show.

In Holstebro has already many cultural talent development processes starting from kindergarten level. Black Box Dance Company is considered to be building on top of this, so in this way we can strengthen the entire flow of young talents.