Mads Bille Choir Leader, Conductor and Organist, Denmark

Mads Bille is a trained organist and choir conductor from the Jutland Music Conservatory with higher organ studies, singing studies and choir conductor studies in England and Sweden. Mads has conducted a number of concerts in Denmark, most of Europe and in the USA, primarily as conductor for Herning Church’s Boys Choir.

Alongside his work as conductor for the boys’ choir, Mads is artistic director of the Jutland School of Music, which he founded in collaboration with his wife Dorte Bille in 1999. Today, the Jutland School of Music undertakes a large networking cooperation, and offers courses and master classes for music teachers and choir conductors, in addition to daily work with the approx. 200 children and young people who are students at the singing school. The singing school also offers, in collaboration with Holstebro Music School, the conservatory preparatory MGK training for young singing talents.

In recent years, Mads Bille has worked extensively on the role of the song in society and the choir’s role in the service. Both are major themes in Mads’ interest in developing both the popular and the elite singing culture in Denmark. In 2014, Mads Bille, together with colleague Christian Alstrup, stood behind the launch of the national initiative Sangens Hus, which with the support of the Danish Ministry of Culture forms a new collaborative forum for song in Denmark. The Song House officially opened on March 17, 2014 with Mads as artistic director.