Knudsens’ Hall Nørregade 40, 7500 Holstebro

knudsens Knudsen is today the name of Holstebro’s intimate concert and theater hall, but over 100 years ago it was built as the banqueting hall of the local temperance hotel, later Knudsen’s Hotel in Nørregade. As the newly restored hall was inaugurated in 2004, it turned out to be a forgotten gem. Meanwhile it had served as vaudeville stage and later as storage room for the local shops. Luckily the many fine tailoring details were preserved and can yet again be admired after the extensive restoration.

The elegant hall and the beautifully decorated, newly constructed foyer were donated to Holstebro Municipality by benefactors Inger and Valdemar Birn. The hall has world-class acoustics for chamber concerts, thus arose the idea of Classic Days.

The beautiful and personal atmosphere provides the perfect setting for an experience where audience and artists gather around the music. With about 240 seats Knudsen’s forms an intimate space for quality experiences in an unique and charming room.


knudsens Knudsens, Nørregade 40, 7500 Holstebro