Ingrid Hvass Storyteller, Denmark

In her lifetime, Ingrid Hvass has worked with both traditional stories, literary texts and her own narratives, and she has developed a large and diverse repertoire of fairy tales, legends, ballads, myths, short stories, novels and life stories. Ingrid tells in a simple and poetic language and often combines her tales with songs and music. She strives to tell in a timeless and vibrant language that awakens the narrative’s images and creates a sensory experience for both adults and children.

Throughout her life, Ingrid Hvass heard her mother tell the following about her mother, Ingrid’s grandmother: “Mother she was a REALLY good storyteller, and when I said ‘Mom, you are so good at telling’, she always replied:” It is because you are so good at listening! ”

It is a small story about the most important thing for a narrator: One or more who listen! Narrator and audience are deeply connected during the time it takes to tell a story – everbody becomes “co-poets”. This is exactly why a story is new each time it is told. Yes, the story is created while it is being told.

Photo: Jenny Selldén