Hanne Jul Jakobsen Poet and vicar, Denmark

Proud Prayers/Bush Beans (prayers and beans are the same word in Danish) – when the “prayer’s rod” grows right up to the sky! A collection of unorthodox, liberating and all-embracing prayers.

We humans need prayer. We all tumble a little clumsy and thoughtless around the world. We all have our worries, we bother to bear with ourselves and one another. We live our lives to the best of our ability, we do our best, but also fail constantly in that endeavour. We have each established some jumble rhythms, shapes and colors, and when we do so, not everything can withstand the light of day.

With care, humor and love for fellow human beings, Hanne Jul Jakobsen has made prayers for and for us all. She looks right through modern man and gives us the blessing that there is room for every one a fragile, self-confident and self-deceptive life – yes, life that we know best.

The press wrote:


The poet has an excellent ability to mix the high with the low and the specific with the general, so that time and time again it is said something new and the person in the “boasters”.

– Kristeligt Dagblad

There is a lot of good to come by in this little book.

– The vicar’s magazine

It is fun, thought-provoking and also a little uncomfortable, when you as a reader discover that hoof, now she puts the pen down on my very personal tender point.

– Århus Stiftstidende

You can’t help but smile when you read the book and feel at the same time suffering from its complacency, vanity and selfishness. Very recommendable book.

– Kirkekultur.nu

A witty and thought-provoking collection of poems about the human being at the beginning of the 21st century.

– Bogblogger.dk

If one cannot find himself in the interweaving of our hectic reality, everyday grumble and prejudices galore, then one does not live. It’s fun, and it’s linguistically designed, so it’s a breeze to read.

– Lecturer’s speech

With humor and love for the human being, Hanne Jul Jakobsen has made prayers for and to all.

– The Church Council Magazines

Hanne Jul Jakobsen (b. 1975)
Cand.theol. from Aarhus University and
Parish priest in Møllevang Church, Aarhus
Beating beans – for transient, Existence 2018
Round song – About emptiness and opportunities, Existence 2016