Blum, Haugaard, Møller Trio, Denmark

Photo: Ard Jongsma

Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard with Christoffer Møller

The singer Helene Blum & violinist Harald Haugaard have in recent years established as some of the finest interpreters and innovators of the Danish music tradition.Their own material mixes gently with original interpretations of old songs and instrumental pieces. Their integrity is unique as their great virtuosity and presence help to make their concerts unforgettable.

Their medieval music has brought them around the world and with more than 500 concerts abroad, they are currently some of the country’s most sought after artists in the international music scene.

Helene Blum has captivated many listeners around the world with her clear voice and pure inner expression. Her artistic standpoint is both innovative and rooted. As a singer, she often starts a concert with ancient songs, which she reinvents in contemporary interpretations and blends elegantly with contemporary songs by herself and others. She is deeply rooted in Danish musical mother tongue, but is not afraid to challenge it at the same time. The British newspaper The Telegraph announced her “open eyes” album with four out of five stars and the words: “The album is an unexpected treat”.

Through the past 20 years, Harald Haugaard has established himself as one of Denmark’s finest violinists. In his virtuoso game, he combines a playful lightness with neck breaking challenges in a characteristic deep and melancholic tone. His compositions are original and in his overall artistic expression, he always draws on deep roots in the rich Danish music tradition, which he treats with great innovation and like no-one else. The reputed American music magazine Sing Out describes his game as follows: “Haugaard is the master of sublime moments”

Both Helene Blum and Harald Haugaard are ambassadors for the European Heritage Year 2018 SHARING HERITAGE.

Together, the two musicians have the outstanding pianist and composer Christoffer Møller, who moves between all the music genres with immense responsiveness, impulsivity and original artistic integrity. Møller has worked with a large number of artists in jazz and rock music and has recorded his music by, among others, The National Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra and the Odense Symphony Orchestra.

Helene Blum: Song and violin

Harald Haugaard: Violin

Christoffer Møller: Piano