Artur Tuznik Jazzpiano, Polen/Denmark

Artur Tuznik is a jazz pianist and composer. He was born and raised in Poland, and has lived in Denmark since 2008. Tuznik took his bachelor at the SDMK Academy in Odense and his graduate degree as well as soloist class at the Rhythmic Conservatory of Music in Copenhagen with Carsten Dahl as a teacher, among others. Artur now continues his studies with classical piano with Prof. Niklas Sivelöv at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.
In his latest project, Artur presents a completely new, original sound within the genre piano trio with Nils Davidsen and Jakob Høyer. The Artur Tuznik TRIO (2016) album introduces a darker sound inspired by different genres such as impressionism, Scandinavian avant-garde and Slavic folk music.
After Artur Tuznik’s debut at the Danish record company BlackOut in 2011 with his Licak / Tuznik Quintet with drummer Anders Mogensen, he has been noticed at the Danish jazz scene through collaboration with personaities like Thomas Agergaard, Alex Riel, Jesper Lundgaard, Anders AC Christensen, Tomas Franck, Richard Andersson, Nicolai Munch-Hansen, Claus Waidtløv and others.
In recent years, Artur has also been part of several international projects where he has played with big names like Tomasz Stanko, Jeremy Pelt and Tony Malaby, as well as performing at festivals in Europe, the United States and Canada and prestigious concert venues such as the Lincoln Center in NYC.
Tuznik has won awards at a number of highly regarded international jazz competitions in Europe – B-Jazz Burghausen (DE), Getxo Jazz (ES), Jazz Hoeilaart (BE), Jazz-Nad-Odra Festival (PL) and many more.